Monday, August 31, 2015

August Fly Fishing Report

August brought the peak of the flooded grass flats season and hunting for tailing Redfish. Sight fishing at it's best! The best action happened to be late in the day around sun down. We all caught Redfish mostly in the typical 20" range with some up to 26" on top water Gurlger flies around the edges of the feeder creeks that lead into the flats. Getting these Reds on a Gurgler fly really added a whole new dimension and real exciting way to catch them! There's nothing like the experience of an explosive top water attack!

The dock light action continued to be outstanding with Sea Trout up to 5 lbs. on 6wt. fly rods providing a fun time for my anglers then followed by some great top water action at dawn with small Jacks up to 3 lbs. on Gurgler flies.  It was hoot for them on a 5wt. fly rod!

The beachfront nearshore fishing this month provided some good action with the  Spanish Mackerel on real light fly gear. Unfortunately the Little Tunny fishing did not happen as anticipated. They remained far offshore out of reach. We did find large bait pods of baby Menhaden and Silver Minnows close to shore around the inlet that the LTs should have been feeding on. Instead there was an occasional Tarpon roll up around the pods and small Sharks.

                                                   Flood Tide Redfish right at Dark

                                           Flood Bug-Gurgler fly from Black Fly Outfitter

Casting at the underwater green dock lights to Trout

Beachfront Fly fishing

Spanish Mackerel

                                             Client with a quality Sea Trout off the dock lights
                                                                    Jack battles at dawn

                                                          Jacks on top water Gurgler flies

                                                                           Jack Crevalle

                                             Client Carl K. from New Jersey with a Nice Trout

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