Monday, December 16, 2013

A Day of Firsts

As a 6 year guide I’ve learned and seen that on most of my charters the clients say that the trip is not just about the size or quantity of fish they can catch but more so about seeing the beauty of the marsh,  learning something new and become more experienced to get out on there own one day!... and then go on to say “catching fish is a bonus” No kidding about that! Well to me the fish bonus is like having the topping on a strawberry short cake for a perfect day on the water. I met up on 12/14 with this enthusiastic gentleman who was 45 minutes early and ready to go on his new adventure. Nevertheless despite the 15-20+ MPH steady wind with some higher gusts that the Weatherman didn’t tell us about!...  we had a pretty good day of 1st times for new local fly fisher Joe P. from Jacksonville. This means 1st time ever catching fish on fly, 1st time seeing the salt tidal marsh, 1st time casting a fly rod in the wind and perhaps maybe some other firsts. The end result was Joe getting his topping on the cake with 3 Redfish and starting a new hobby in his life that his Dad did in his own lifetime.  With that said as a guide I often get more pleasure with first timers and making happy fishing faces!

Joe was nice enough to submit a Goggle review here of his 1st experience in learning how to cast and fishing the salt marsh. ( c lick Google Review link under First Coast Fly Fishing Unlimited )

                                                                             December 14, 2013