Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June Fly Fishing Report

Summertime is officially here along with its typical afternoon rainstorms that roll in a few times during week and hot day time air temperatures. This pattern often makes for slow mid-day fishing in the backwater marshes for Redfish and Trout. Not to worry because the fishing does continue elsewhere with some other interesting options!

In June our near shore ocean waters along the beach begin to calm from common westerly winds allowing us to get out of the inlets in small boats looking for folks of diving birds on bait fish pods. The bait is being and pushed up and corralled like cows into a pen by either Little Tunny's, Spanish Mackerel and mix of other types of fish like Tarpon, Jacks, Ladyfish, etc. 

For me this is the time of year that I look forward too testing my fly gear out, really stretch a line out and see the back of my fly line disappear into the water from 10lb. football with fins speed away! Some of these fish are known to bust rods! I'm talking about the fast and furious Little Tunny(a.k.a. False Albacore, Florida Bonito, Albie). Pictured below is my first trip of the year and happy to say that this type of fishing will last through the summer!

So my summers fishing itinerary includes getting out in the mornings first light and fishing through the morning in the low tide marshes for Redfish or beach front for Little Tunny's. Then chasing Sea Trout in the peaceful serenity of the night on the dock lights, and last but not least go sight fishing in the flooded grass flats for tailing Redfish around the spring tides for the next 4 month. Good luck and tight loops and lines all!

                                        6/21/15- Rich with his 1st Little Tunny of the Year

My Friend Tim with his 1st Little Tunny of the Year