Sunday, May 31, 2015

May Fly Fishing Report

The month of May starts the beginning of the dock light fly fishing season which generally lasts through the Fall. Believe it or not this is sight fishing at night! You can watch schools of Sea Trout swimming over the top of  florescent green underwater lights and also under the overhanging hood lights.  It will certainly pump your heart rate up! It's like a fish tank aquarium in your living room. It's also a great way to beat the summertime heat and afternoon thunderstorms. Pictured below is Schuyler M. from Austin, Texas who watched this 5 lb. Trout chase down and eat his fly while striping his fly through the light this past month.

May is also the time of year we start fly fishing the beachfront surf when the right conditions allow. Early to mid morning high tide with sunny skies and west winds are ideal. This is also another great sight fishing fly adventure as you walk down our beautiful white sanded beaches and cast to schools of cruising Redfish, Black Drum, sharks and more all within easy casting distance! Pictured below is Scott B. from Ponte Vedra, Fl. with with a nice 7 lb. Redfish he caught in May.

Last but not least the low tide creek fishing in Jacksonville's Timucuan Preseve salt marsh also continued with Jay. M. from Mass. catching his 1st Redfish on fly.

5 lb. Sea Trout on Dock Lights

7 lb. Redfish sight fished in the Surf

His 1st Redfish in the Salt Marsh

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