Friday, November 1, 2013

St. Augustine Gold

It’s not that often that we can say you had an epic day of fly fishing! That means blue bird skies, with a high air temperature of about 70 degrees, fishing in crystal clear super shallow waters sight fishing and seeing over a 100 Redfish and catching what seemed to be more like Goldfish and not Redfish! There were no other boats in sight. It was epic! I and my partner and guide friend Tim fished out of his 16 ft. Gheenoe poling around in super shallow water to find these deep colored Redfish swimming around like goldfish in a bowl. On top of it all they were hungry and feisty with a bad attitude that put a mean bend in our fly rods. I blame this on the rapidly cooling waters that dropped 10 degrees in the past 7 days to 64 degrees.  They fought hard and long. There were times that we didn’t see the Reds until they were right up on the boat and to close to cast to! Literally!  We had one hook up that the Redfish acted like shark by circling the boat looking for something to eat. My partner then dropped the fly maybe 15 feet away and around the back of the boat near the Redfish. The Red literally came over to get it! There’s nothing like seeing and fish actually eat the fly twice after missing it the first time. The fall eating frenzy seems to be on it's way! So go fish!  

                                                                     Rich  11/3/13

                                                                        Rich 10/27/13

                                                                      Tim 10/27/13

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