Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Flood Grass Year of Wonder?

So are you asking yourself... where are all the tailing reds? I'm hearing this from approx. 95% of the friends and guides I know including fishing reports from the local club and forums.  I've been fortunate enough only see and catch only a couple on all my trips this summer. Believe it or not the month of May happened to be the best month so far this year. Over the past years August and September have been the banner months with catching trophy grass Reds! So I asked myself why not this year? I believe a part of it is due to not having the flood tide either early or late enough in the day. Another is to much wind. Redfish don't like wind on their tails! Also your typical 5.5 Mayport flood tide number that normally is the magic number to flood has also fallen short of getting enough water on the flats for a Tailer to show up even with a east-northeast wind! Can't figure that one out.  My best guess is lack of Hurricanes and probably to much of a high barometric pressure, etc. It just goes to show you when you think good fishing conditions are supposed to happen they may not. I've also seen it happen to the opposite extreme of when it's not supposed to flood and it does. It's like the weather man trying to forecast the weather! I think the only way you will find out is if you go so don't pay too much attention the details of weather. But I know one thing for sure... don't give up because the best is yet to come! It happens every year so be ready. We have until late October to early November to find out....

Spartina Grass Flat

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